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Happy Firefighter Friday!!

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Ok, I know the phrases ‘cookie batter’, ‘cake batter’, and even ‘brownie batter’ get thrown around like we’re all a bunch of confection-craving suckers, but I can legitimately call this ‘pancake batter’ because it is! Remember these pancakes?….

….this smoothie is literally the batter from those pancakes, minus the eggs, and plus a few minor tweaks in order to make it an easy smoothie anyone (firefighters especially) can throw together.

I would so often make the above pancakes and eat the batter that I started thinking about how much I’d love it as a smoothie!

It’s so thick and creamy, and super easy for anyone to prepare! You have the option of blending together the ingredients the night before in order to create a sort of, overnight pancake batter smoothie, if you will, but it’s not mandatory. If you eat overnight oats you know that this just serves to soften the oats, but, trust me, it’s delicious either way!


Adapted from this recipe

1 1/2 c. milk

2 ripe bananas

1 1/2 c. plain yogurt, any kind to suit your diet type

1 T. cinnamon

1/8 t. salt

2 c. rolled oats

1 1/2 T. honey or 18 drops liquid stevia

1/2 t. baking soda (weird, but DON’T skip it!)

2 t. vanilla, optional

1 T. chia seeds, optional

Blend milk, yogurt, vanilla (if using), chia seeds (if using), and salt first. Add and blend bananas. Add and blend oats. If letting this sit in the fridge overnight, wait until the morning to add the baking soda and re-blend everything. If not, add it with the salt.

You may be tempted to omit the baking soda, but I beg of you not to. It neutralizes the tartness of the yogurt, rendering a sweeter smoothie. It also lends a distinct ‘doughy’ flavor to the smoothie, as most batters require some leavening agent. You won’t be disappointed!

What is your favorite smoothie concoction?

Fun question Friday!

Are you outgoing or shy?

I’m very shy, especially when I’m around a lot of people. I find that I do much better one-on-one with someone. My mom always said I had one best friend and that was all I needed!

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  1. says

    Oh yum! I love the taste of pancake batter and I bet the sweetness of the banana really makes this smoothie taste great! Definitely going to give it a try :) Hope you have a wonderful weekend Lauren!

  2. says

    Love the idea of a pancake batter smoothie! I need to make more, such an easy fast breakfast. Introvert-extrovert combo, I do best one on one too, but also feel like I need company of close friends over solitude.

  3. says

    Hi, Lauren! You’re so creative!! Love it!! I haven’t had a smoothie in a really long time..I know, crazy right? There was a time I drank one every single day, and now nothin…this needs to change. I’m somewhat in the middle. Not too shy nor am I outgoing. I just like to blend in 😉

    • Lauren says

      Hi Min! Thanks girl! I don’t think you need to have a smoothie every day, although it’s definitely a good way to hide some raw spinach. :-)

  4. says

    Mh, that sounds like a tasty smoothie though I’m not even a smoothie person :).

    Regarding the second question I’m like you: Shy around many people but talkative and laughing loudly around people I know and one-on-one. I’m glad to hear I’m not the only one like this – it surely can feel like that at times.

    • Lauren says

      Haha, well thank you! I don’t encounter many who don’t like smoothies, although I have heard people say they like to be able to chew something. :-)

  5. says

    OMG! What a GREAT idea! I’ve often thought the batter was so tasty, but hadn’t thought of actually just enjoying it… as is! You ROCK! And congrats on the food buzz feature… that’s how I found you! 😉

  6. says

    Hey There Oatmealwithafork,
    I just stumbled across this and, Do you think this is healthy and what about the amount? It’s 4:00pm here.

    I’ve had

    1 1/2 small, thin blueberry pancakes made with oatmeal batter, no syrup

    1 lg. fruit smoothie with strawberries, yogurt, banana, and blueberries

    1/2 sandwich on whole wheat bread with a fried egg, lettuce, tomato and cheese

    3 handfuls of parmesan goldfish

    1 cup of coffee w/ soymilk

    2 bottles of water

  7. saloni says

    This was delicious! I tried it and it tasted JUST like pancake batter
    It was a little too sweet for me, so I used greek yogurt and a little less honey.

    Thank you for sharing this recipe with us!

  8. chantel says

    Found this on pinterest and it’s way delicious. Whenever I make pancakes I eat the batter so this smoothie is perfect for me


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