Caramel Apple Pie For Two

This ‘pie’ is one of the best desserts I’ve made….

It is so rich and decadent, and super low in sugar!

Originally I was just going to have apples and caramel to dip them in, but once I got started, I couldn’t resist creating this pie. It’s easy enough to make in a pinch and delicious enough to share with a loved one….or not…. 😉



1/2 c. raw walnuts

1/2 c. dried figs

pinch salt

Process all until it resembles a meal. Press into a small dish.


1 small apple, chopped

2 t. coconut oil

1 t. maple syrup

1/2 t. pie spice

pinch salt

splash vanilla

Heat fat in a small skillet. Add apple, maple syrup, pie spice, and salt. Saute all for about 5 minutes, until apple is softened. Stir in the vanilla. Cool a bit and pour onto crust.


2 T. raw almond butter

1 T. maple syrup

1 T. olive or coconut oil

1 1/2 T. dairy-free milk

pinch salt

Whisk all into it resembles a thick syrup. Pour into a shallow non-stick skillet. Heat until it begins to bubble. Turn down the heat, and let the mixture simmer for 1 minute until it begins to thicken and darken. Turn off the heat, and let the mixture sit for a few minutes on the warm burner. Pour atop the apple filling.

This would be great with some coconut whipped cream and a few toasted walnuts for garnish! It is so easy to make and super delicious! I wish I could give out samples to everyone to prove it! :-)

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    • Lauren says

      Thanks Antonia! Let me know if you try it out! If nothing else, you have to try the caramel part and just dip some apples in it!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks Gabby. I’ve had so many health problems in my life that I’m at the point of never wanting to go back!

    • Lauren says

      Haha, lately she’s getting wise to my tricks…she’s been separating the cheese from the bread and pulling the veggies off!…the little devil!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks Danielle! I couldn’t believe how well the caramel turned out! If that’s the only part you try, you really should!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks girl! I’m not doing the best with dates lately, so it was figs or raisins! Raisins seem very polarizing, so I went with the figs. :-)

  1. says

    oh wow, what a wonderful recipe! i have got a huuuuge bag of apples from my grandmas garden and after making apple pie smoothie,apple pie, apples strudel and apple dipped in peanut sauce, i am out of ideas! this recipe comes JUST right! love it!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks Alexia! I usually just eat apples with peanut butter, so it’s nice to find other uses for them. Let me know if you try it out! :-)

  2. says

    This pie looks absolutely out of this world! Oh my. Just love the portion size..and your ingredients are fantastic. :-) Thanks for much for sharing with us.

    Be Well,


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