Double Layer Peppermint Bark

We’ve had a heck of a weekend! Both of our kids came down with some sort of respiratory illness (sneezing, coughing, fever), and my new computer crashed! Boooooooo…..

I hate computers with a passion. I don’t understand them, and feel so incompetent when it comes to repairing any glitches. I’m sitting at my husband’s laptop right now, and this thing is as sloooooooooooow as molasses.I feel like I did back in the days of dial-up. Not good.

I definitely deserved today’s post after all the mayhem!

Delicious, creamy, and refreshing peppermint bark! My absolute favorite holiday treat, with candy canes coming in a close second.

Those inventive kids over at Williams-Sonoma inspired this post….I just love this stuff!!


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4 T. cocoa butter

4 T. cocoa powder

pinch salt

2 t. honey or maple syrup

1/2 t. vanilla extract

1/2 t. mint extract

Melt the cocoa butter over low heat. Add the honey and stir to dissolve. Add the rest and whisk until everything is combined. Place wax paper in a small baking dish. Pour the chocolate layer in, and place it in the fridge to harden.


2 T. cocoa butter

3 T. coconut butter

pinch salt

2 t. honey or maple syrup

1/2 t. vanilla extract

1/2 t. mint extract

1 candy cane, crushed (preferably organic, minus corn syrup)

Melt the cocoa and coconut butters together over low heat. Stir in the honey until combined. Add the remaining and mix. Allow the mix to cool, and pour it over the hardened dark chocolate layer. Tilt the dish to evenly distribute this layer. Top with the crushed candy cane (I just put mine in a Ziploc bag and mashed it with the bottom of a glass).

Set the dish back into the freezer to harden. It will look similar to this…

…break it apart with your hands or a knife and enjoy a delicious, low sugar treat!

You could substitute coconut oil for the cocoa butter, but it won’t be nearly as good! The cocoa butter adds a chocolaty flavor, and it won’t melt it room temperature like chocolate made from coconut oil.

A good homemade chocolate recipe has always eluded me, but I’m now a firm believer that cocoa butter is the secret! I also love being able to control the amount of sugar. :-)

Have you ever made your own chocolate?

What is your favorite holiday treat?

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  1. Natalie @ freshlifefindings says

    I love love peppermint bark! And I’ve never made a healthy version, I usually just stay away from it but now you’ve got me wanting to make some! Now to find cocoa butter :) Ps you should sell your baked goods, id buy :)

    • Lauren says

      Haha, thanks girl!! You can find it on Amazon for pretty cheap (it’s no more expensive than coconut oil). It is definitely worth it! :-)

  2. says

    This looks amazing! I’m sharing it on my facebook page this morning. I was thinking just last week that I needed to make something similar to this. :) Thanks for sharing with Natural Living Monday. I hope you will join us again next week!

  3. says

    I love peppermint bark – recently made one with little more than a microwave.

    Your allergy friendly double-layer peppermint bark looks delicious!! And the white chocolate layer looks easier than I would have thought. Where do you buy your food grade cocoa butter? I would love to try your recipe.

    I just pinned this on my Allergy Friendly Christmas pintrest board!!

    • Lauren says

      Thank you Devin! I buy my cocoa butter from a local health food store, but I’ve bought it online from iHerb as well. I’m not too particular about getting it raw (which is super pricey) so I just buy the regular cheap stuff. Thanks for the pin and the visit! :-)

  4. Mary says

    Hi! Im making this for Christmas and am wondering what to sub for coconut butter… Coconut oil, regular butter? Thanks for your help! It looks delicious!

    • Lauren says

      I believe regular butter would be your best option, although I haven’t tried it. Let me know how it works out if you do try it! :-)

  5. says

    I know I already commented on this one when you first posted it, but I just looked it up today because my husband is going to make it for me for Christmas!! Cannot wait to try it out!! Thanks again! :)

  6. says

    Oh my goodness! I made this peppermint bark last night, (I even made my own coconut butter!) and today I am trying to keep myself from eating the whole pan! It is delicious and I am a true William Sonoma peppermint bark addict! Seriously this recipe is much better! I even did the organic candy canes and they are the perfect topping! Thank you so much for inventing this wonderful recipe! <3 your blog too!

  7. Marissa Seath says

    This looks amazing and its so easy to make. I’m dairy and gluten intolerant so finding this little gem has made my day. This is the perfect introduction to paleo eating for my family and friends. I cant wait to taste it once its sets from the fridge. Thanks

  8. Kathy James says

    This looks AWESOME! My 9 yr. old granddaughter found out last year, she’s allergic to Milk, Eggs, Wheat & Pork (of all things!) Anyway, I’ve been going nuts trying to find different candy/desert recipes so she can have “equal-opportunity-FUN” @ holidays, birthdays, parties, etc…. just like her friends have! Her Momma is working full-time & going back to school, & they live with me, so… I’m the designated “Head Cook!” This whole experience has really taught me about so many “different” ingredients, we usually don’t think of incorporating! We truly have to just “make lemonade” when “Life hands you Lemons!” Thanks sooooooooooo much for sharing with those of us who are “Culinarily Challenged!” (is that a word?) LOL 😉


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