The Best Vegan Black Bean Brownies Ever

My husband thought these should be called ‘Bodybuilder Protein Brownies’.


Two of these brownies has about as much protein as an egg, which astounded my husband who is an avid gym rat. That fact also had him inhaling the decadently delicious squares at seven o’clock at night, but that’s another tale.

Black bean brownies are obviously nothing new, but what this blog is and has always been is a place for me to share my experiences with cooking and baking and what works for my family and our allergies.


In order to accommodate all of our itch-inducers and make the recipe the best it could be, I had to eliminate all nuts, seeds, and eggs. I am LOVING using beans lately because our entire family tolerates them well and they’re so versatile.

The beans are truly undetectable in these, and they have that rich and fudgy consistency (not cakey) that is characteristic of any fat-boy brownie.

The Best Vegan Black Bean Brownies Ever
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 12 brownies
  • 1 15-ounce can black beans, rinsed and drained
  • ½ c. cocoa powder
  • ¼ c. oats
  • ½ t. sea salt
  • ½ t. baking soda
  • ¼ c. coconut sugar
  • ⅛ t. powdered stevia extract
  • ¼ c. maple syrup (you can also use raw honey if not vegan)
  • ¼ c. coconut oil, melted
  • 2 t. vanilla
  • 1-2 T. water, as needed
  • 3 T. dark chocolate chips, optional
  1. Preheat the oven to 350 degrees.
  2. Process all the ingredients (except the chocolate chips) until smooth and well combined.
  3. Add water in as needed to create a pourable, but thick, batter.
  4. Pulse in the chocolate chips, if using.
  5. Pour the batter into a well-oiled 8 x 8 baking dish.
  6. Bake for 20-25 minutes (knife or toothpick should come out clean).
  7. Put the brownies in the fridge to cool (still in the pan), untouched for about 30 minutes. This is crucial to keeping the shape of the brownie, as there is no binding agent present.
  8. Once cooled, cut and serve!
Nutrition facts are based on making the recipe without the optional chocolate chips. Weight Watchers points (new system): 3
Nutrition Information
Serving size: 1/12 of recipe Calories: 120 Fat: 5.3 g Saturated fat: 4.2 g Unsaturated fat: 1.1 g Trans fat: 0 g Carbohydrates: 17.9 g Sugar: 8.3 g Sodium: 262 mg Fiber: 2.9 g Protein: 2.8 g Cholesterol: 0 mg

Adapted from this recipe

My favorite way to eat these (and most sweets) is actually when they’re cold (after sitting in the fridge for a day). They become even more dense and the flavor seems to amplify. 😀


The thing I notice most with adding beans to desserts is that I don’t get the high and low of a treat that doesn’t have protein. The protein seems to help balance out my blood sugar a bit more, allowing me to tolerate the sweetness better. For reals.

Do you find you tolerate treats better when they have added protein? Have you ever tried a bean dessert?

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  1. says

    These look delicious and so fudgy! I have made black bean brownies in the past, but haven’t been thrilled with the results. Yours look like they could be the ones!

    I definitely notice a difference when my dessert has protein. Otherwise my blood sugar (and mood…) goes for a bit of a roller coaster ride!

  2. says

    I was totally going to use my can of black beans for dinner tonight, but I think they are destined for your brownie recipe instead! The texture looks phenomenal. <3

  3. says

    I have tried black bean brownies before with little luck. I’m excited to give these a try..they look yummy and the recipe would work for us.

  4. Mindy says

    I have tried other vegan brownie recipes but this one is the best! I did use carob chips for chocolate chips but everything else I did as the recipe suggested. These are delicious!!

  5. Ruth says

    Great recipe! I added some crushed hazelnuts for a bit of crunch. Think this is my new go to brownie recipe. I especially like them cold. Thanks for the recipe :)

  6. Tammy says

    Made these this morning, they’re delicious! I used 1/4 tsp of salt, 1/4 cup cocoa powder and 1/4 cup carob powder because I ran out of cocoa. Turned out great! My husband actually likes them more than regular brownies lol

  7. Charlene says

    Is there something I can substitute for the powdered stevia…or can I just leave it out? These sound yummy and I’d like to try them!

    • Lauren says

      Hi Charlene,

      You can add in an additional 1/4 cup of coconut sugar or any natural granulated sugar for the stevia. Happy baking!

  8. nathalie says

    Hi, I don’t have coconut sugar, can I substitute with white or brown sugar? Also, I don’t have brown rice flour, so I should grind Old Fashion Oats into flour? Looking forward to trying out this recipe!

    • Lauren says

      Hi Nathalie,

      Yes, any granulated sugar will work here, and yes, just measure use ground oats for the rice flour. I hope you enjoy them!! :-)

  9. Andrea says

    Hi, Thank you so much for this fantastic recipe! I have never had much luck with black bean brownies, not-to-mention gluten-free/vegan ones, and these are ridiculously good! I have made them twice now and am still amazed by the results! Looking forward to trying some of your other recipes. Much Thanks!!!

  10. Meg says

    I have these in the oven right now. I gave my son the spoon to lick and he said “this is the best chocolate I’ve ever had, I’ve never had this kind before.” He is right. The batter is good, I will be so impatient waiting for them to cool. I also like that this is a baked good that doesn’t even use one egg!

    • Lauren says

      Thanks Meg! Pop them in the fridge to get them to cool quick (the more chilled they are, the better they taste!). I hope you guys love them!! :)

  11. Meg says

    WOW!! So good, no one knew they had black beans in them and they are good for you. I used almond flour since we are doing grain-free right now and xylitol w/ stevia. Don’t think I will make any other kind now!! I love this website!! You are awesome :) Thanks for all the recipes

  12. Donna says

    Lauren, not sure how you did it or do it but as everyone else has stated, these are the BEST freaking ‘brownies’ period. Never mind being ‘black bean’. I also have failed in prior attempts to black bean recipes…..made them twice, second time even fudgier!!
    I just printed your “Best fudgey Guilt free brownie recipe” and i cannot imagine those being any better than these. Just knowing they are like 90% black beans as opposed to flour is the best thing. I was so glad to read that another viewer used Almond Flour in place of the 1/4 of oats and it worked! i will try it next time. just to be comp grain free and dlish would be crazy. my guess is however they will be even more fudgey, which could be a good or a bad thing. We shall see. thanks so much….so far so good oxoxox

    • Lauren says

      That’s great Donna, I’m so happy you liked them! I have a video coming up on Monday for the Guilt-Free Fudgy Brownies, fyi. They’re a nice blend of light, fudgy, rich, and creamy, as opposed to the fudgy density of the black bean version. Both are so delicious, it just depends what mood I’m in!

      Thanks for your comment! :)

  13. Karen Flammang says

    these are great, I’ve made them a bunch of times! I use cashew flour instead of oat flour to make them gluten free, and instead of chocolate chips, i put chia seeds. i also add about 6 drops of doTerra peppermint essential oil. everybody loves them and gobbles them up, then i have to make more!!

  14. Chia says

    Hi I tried a few of your recipes and love all of them. This one is my favourite it tastes even better than the ‘normal’ brownies. I am breastfeeding a toddler who has several food allergies so I have to be on very restricted diet with him. Thanks to you I find joy in food again. Thank you thank you thank you.

  15. Enrique says

    These look extremely delicious and heathly. Is one of the ingredients regular cacao powder or organic raw cacao powder?

  16. says

    Just made these today and they are soooo yummy! I added in a scoop of chocolate protein powder and omitted the stevia (since the protein is stevia sweetened) and holy amazeballs I couldn’t stop stealing licks of the raw batter. The end result was an even bigger hit! Thanks for this awesome recipe!

  17. Amanda says

    Hi There. These look great–thanks for sharing! I just had a question though about how you arrived at your protein and calorie estimates. I plugged all the ingredients into MyFitnessPal to create the recipe (so I can make these later) and the calories and protein came out quite a bit lower per 1/12 recipe serving (153 calories and 2.6 grams of protein). I’m now wondering which is correct! Thanks for your help!

    • Lauren says

      Hi Amanda,

      Online nutrition calculators all vary to some extent, so without taking each individual ingredient and calculating the math by hand, there will be some discrepancy. I offer the stats as a complimentary, free service and use calorie count for them, but it is ultimately the reader’s responsibility. Thanks for your understanding!


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