Friday Finds

1. Cleaning Toothbrushes

Sometimes I find myself grimacing at the sight of a toothbrush…all the germs and bacteria from our mouths that just sit and fester…ew.


This is why every so often I set all of our toothbrushes into a glass of hydrogen peroxide to give them a good cleaning! I just pour enough peroxide into the glass to cover the bristles, and then let them sit for at least an hour to kill off those nasty little critters.

2. Garlic for Blemishes

A little trick I learned a while back is if you feel a blemish coming on, rub it with a slice of fresh garlic.

For those of you in public job, you may not want to go around smelling of the potent bulb, so just rub it on before you go to bed at night. It works wonders at reducing inflammation and redness!

3. Calm Child

I worked at a health food store for about five years, and it was interesting for me to see what people bought and what worked for them. One of the items that consistently sold was Planetary Formulas Calm Child.

While most parents bought it for their child’s hyperactivity, I find that it works wonders at putting my two-year-old back to sleep if she wakes up in the middle of the night. It is gentle, only takes about 10 minutes to kick in, and keeps her asleep for the remainder of the night.

4. Eczema Cream

My oldest daughter, Jade, has been having a very difficult time lately with her eczema. It’s actually a very depressing situation for me because nothing has been giving her any relief, and it seems every time she eats, she gets more itchy and more red.

We were so desperate that we even resorted to trying some of the larger name brands from the drug store, but she reacted horribly to them.

This cream by derma e has been the only thing that she has tolerated, and it (thankfully) has a much more natural base of ingredients.

Though we are still working with her diet to find the cause(s), it’s nice to provide her some relief in the meantime!

5. Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest

If you’re highly allergic or just interested in healthy food, the Gluten-Free Food Allergy Fest from the allergy-friendly magazine Living Without is hitting various spots in the country as I write.

Living Without Magazine

With sponsors like Udi’s and Enjoy Life, this is a convention you might want to consider.

I’ll be attending the San Diego show in early May, so if any of you are in the neighborhood, drop by and say hi! :-)

What’s something new you’ve discovered recently?




  1. dawn says

    i’m walking to my cabinet right now for the hydrogen peroxide! i truly never think about it BUT i DO toss them every 3 months! it grosses me out to keep them longer. my hubby uses them until they look like frayed animals, LOL. i have to replace his otherwise he’d be using a toothbrush from 1972!
    i’ll try the garlic next time. sounds good!
    every blue moon i get a fever blister (if i’m majorly stressed/sick/ec)
    what do you suggest?
    ABREVA works well for me but i’ve heard of tree tea oil…

    • Lauren says

      Hah! I cracked up over your ‘frayed animal’ description. I can see my hubby being the same way.

      As far as fever blisters go, I’ve never had one, so I’m not sure. If it’s anything like a cold or canker sore, I used to use dried sage. Tea tree oil sounds good too though!

  2. Katie says

    I’m totally cleaning my toothbrush with hydrogen peroxide now. The germs and bacteria were something I was well aware of but usually try to ignore because I didn’t know the best way to clean my toothbrush. But that’s so easy. Yay, thanks!

  3. Amy says

    Lauren, I live in San Diego, and now that you’ve turned me on to this GF convention I definitely want to go! Hope to see you there! I’ll probably go Saturday. 😉

  4. Amy says

    Oh, and I use lemon essential oil to clean my toothbrush! Plus it leaves the toothbrushes smelling amazing. :) I

  5. says

    Greetings from another AZ blogger! I have found that Valerian extract (found at Farmer’s Market’s) also do the trick for calming nerves and aiding sleep, instead of all of those over the counter drugs,e tc. My mom has given it to me since I was a child. Also, have you ever tried oil pulling? Swish a tsp. of coconut oil around in your moth for the first 20 minutes of your morning before brushing your teeth, drinking water, etc. It has crazy health benefits like gum health,teeth whitening, toxin pulling, I could go on and on!

  6. says

    Lots of great ideas here, Lauren! I’m happy to be popping by to see your blog:) Allergies are such tricky things, both my kids had issues and both were tracked back to milk!! Of course, being a good mom I was making them drink milk at every meal, lol. I hope you sort out your daughter’s allergy!

    • Lauren says

      Hahaha, I literally ‘lol-ed’ at your comment about making your kids drink milk. Allergies are definitely a pain, thanks for the encouragement Barb! :)

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