Friday Finds

1. Yogurt Masks

Lately, I’ve been struggling with a form of eczema called perioral dermatitis, which basically results in a rash under the nose and on the chin.

It’s been stressful, to say the least, but one of the treatments helping the most is a yogurt mask.

This is essentially what it sounds like, in that you cover your face with yogurt (I use Greek yogurt because it’s thicker and applies better).

Not only does it help with my rash, but it helps give my face a more even tone, eliminating any redness.

2. Glass Water Bottles

More and more I’m reading that the ‘BPA-free’ labeling on plastic products is virtually worthless, which is why I’m loving these glass water bottles…

This is truly one of those products I wish I had thought of! A glass bottle enclosed with a rubber/silicone outer layer to prevent breakage…genius!

3. Party Animals

Halloween, my absolute favorite holiday of the year, is rapidly approaching, and this year, Gus is getting in on the action…


The male in him is still getting used to the idea of joining in on the fun, but his fem side is loving his new tutu! :-)

4. Chicken Seasoning

Chicken can be so boring and tasteless without the right seasoning or marinade.

For years I searched for a good poultry spice blend without much satisfaction, but I finally found the best one ever at Whole Foods.


No weird ingredients or MSG, this is great on chicken, steak, and hamburgers, and I love how it flavors my Apple Juice Chicken.

5. Casserole-palooza

I’m trying to cut back a bit on treats in order to get my skin under control, so I’ve been focusing my efforts more on savory dishes, namely casseroles!


This chicken, broccoli, and rice casserole was mixed with a homemade cauliflower cheese sauce, so it took some time to make, but it was worth it! I know a lot of you are interested in easy, fast dinners, but if you have an interest in something like this, I’d love for you to leave me a comment below.

What have you discovered new this week? If you’re interested in the casserole recipe, please let me know (thank you). :-)


What I Ate Wednesday (9/17/14)

I mentioned briefly in a recent post about having some increased allergy trouble, consequently, my meals haven’t been all that thrilling lately.

I’ve been trying to scale back certain foods, namely nuts, seeds, and dairy, and focus more on certain fruits and vegetables, chicken, brown rice, and beans.

While I wasn’t going to post until I felt a bit better, I thought maybe it would be interesting (?) to see some of what I eat during this kind of period, so here we go!


I’ve been focusing on the fruits I know agree with me best, namely apples and pears, so they’ve both ended up in a morning smoothie…


I add in a piece of avocado to give it some creaminess, along with water and raw honey. As I said above, I’m steering clear of nuts and seeds right now, including my beloved hemp.

I’ve had trouble with mold in the past, and nuts and seeds are notorious for carrying it.


Apples, apples, and more apples….


There are a few pears in the mix, but apples are getting me through afternoons right now.



Soup has been a staple for me lately.

I saute some onion, garlic, carrot, and celery, and add in whatever other veggies I have hanging around the fridge.

I like to add in a can of beans along with some mung bean noodles for protein and taste, making it kind of like a healthy minestrone soup.


A simple, easy, and healthy snack I always return to is cucumber slices with sea salt and apple cider vinegar…



For dinner, we made the type of meal my husband wishes we would have every night…


Roasted chicken, baked coconut oil fries, and petite green peas, of which I eat more delicious, crispy fries than anything. :-)

This is the type of meal I grew up eating, except my mom would boil our potatoes.


While I’ve been steering clear of recipes, I have still had a sweet tooth, so I made the simplest treat I could think of…


I just blended Medjool dates and unsweetened coconut shreds with a pinch of sea salt. These were exceptionally good though, and they made a great end to the day.

What have you been eating this week? Do you have a simple go-to sweet treat?

Easy Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free)

I’ve lived in Tucson for about ten years now.

Easy Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free)

When I first moved here, I lived with my older brother and his family in order to be able to attend the local college.

Though my brother was nice enough to let me stay with him for free, I still needed money for personal expenses, and quickly went looking for a job.

Waitressing was something I had high school experience with, and I soon secured a job at a local breakfast restaurant. Though I had to get up every morning at 4am, it was worth it to me to have my afternoons free for school and the gym.

One of the things I enjoyed the most about my new job was getting to see what everyone had for breakfast!

Easy, Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free) 4

I’ve always been a voyeur when it comes to food, and this was no exception.

While everyone’s tastes varied to some extent, I found that the majority of people ordered either pancakes or waffles, usually with a side of eggs.

Unlike my husband, I didn’t grow up eating waffles or even really knowing what they tasted like, so I didn’t understand what the thrill was…until I started making my own.

Once we got married, one of the first meals my husband requested was waffles, so I found a good deal on Ebay for a $20 Cuisinart waffle maker, and it has served us well for the past six years.

In trying to compete with all of our allergies and still make something yummy and healthy, I decided to employ one of my favorite flours in a new recipe.

These chickpea flour waffles are very satiating because of the high amount of protein (each waffle has almost as much protein as one chicken egg), which also aids in blood sugar regulation, and they taste delicious!

Easy Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free)
Prep time
Cook time
Total time
Serves: 5 waffles
  • ½ c. chickpea flour
  • ¼ c. rice flour (use ¼ c. more chickpea flour to make it grain-free)
  • 1 t. baking powder
  • ⅛ t. baking soda
  • ¼ t. sea salt
  • heaping ¼ t. cinnamon
  • 2 t. coconut sugar
  • 1 egg
  • ½ c. dairy-free milk
  • ¼ c. 100% pure apple juice, water, or more milk
  • 2 T. oil (grapeseed, coconut, and olive all work great)
  • 8 drops of liquid stevia (or two more teaspoons coconut sugar)
  • ½ t. vanilla
  1. Begin preheating your waffle maker.
  2. Mix your dry ingredients in a bowl (flours, baking powder, baking soda, salt, cinnamon, coconut sugar).
  3. In another bowl, mix your wet ingredients (egg, milk, juice/water/milk, oil, stevia (if using), and vanilla).
  4. Whisk everything together until there are no lumps (the batter is fairly thin).
  5. Spray your waffle maker with a thin layer of oil (I use my Misto for this).
  6. Ladle a good ¼ cup of batter for each waffle (I like setting 3 for cooking).
  7. Repeat five times.
  8. Serve immediately!
Nutrition facts are based on using rice flour, unsweetened almond milk, apple juice, grapeseed oil, and stevia. WW points (new system): 5
Nutrition Information
Serving size: ⅕ of recipe Calories: 180 Fat: 7.9 g Saturated fat: 1 g Unsaturated fat: 6.9 g Trans fat: 0 g Carbohydrates: 22.3 g Sugar: 5.2 g Sodium: 163 mg Fiber: 3.9 g Protein: 5.5 g Cholesterol: 33 mg


I like to use a combination of chickpea and rice flours, as the rice flour contributes a great texture, but you can use all chickpea flour if you’re avoiding grains.

Using apple juice adds a bit of extra sweetness, but it can easily be replaced with more milk or even water.


Easy, Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free)

Though maple syrup is always delicious on waffles, these are the type that taste great naked too! :-)

Easy, Chickpea Flour Waffles (Gluten-Free) 5

What is your favorite breakfast to eat?




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